Exhibition Archive 2018


Becky Guggisberg


Becky Guggisberg lives in Kiama, is a mother of 4, a (former) Registered Nurse with an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts, Majoring in Painting. Becky took the plunge becoming a full time artist a few years ago. Amongst many things, it was harder to ignore the need to create than to have the courage to shift careers. 


Becky works daily in a small studio in her backyard surrounded by her urban rainforest. 

Her work delves into what makes us whole- joyful connection to the environment; relationships with each other & ourselves; truly seeing, believing, imagining, feeling, living, loving  & playing this game of life. We work life and play life together.


Becky’s medium is mostly painting and has been a finalist and award winner in many art prizes; her work has been nationally & internationally collected and commissioned. 


In 2018 she was a successful applicant for a 1-month artist in residency in the Holy city of Varanasi, India. Her work is never constant but a continuum of explorations, usually colourful, with a joyous sense of freedom - an act of delight and gratitude.

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