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Old New Work

The latest suite of drawings and paintings come out of an ongoing interest in mark-making and abstraction. When they work, there is something childlike, something linked to the energy emerging from the pure pleasure of making.  

I am interested in motifs that can seem regressive, primitive or poorly executed, like symbols or giant doodles.  My hope is that their physical presence emanates something that is both primitive and fun, between abstract expressionism and grunge, craftsmanship and pleasure.


Dave Thomson was born in Perth and currently lives and works in Sydney. He completed a BFA in Painting at the College of Fine Arts and has since been involved in numerous solo and group shows and residencies, both locally and internationally including the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Perth Institute of Contemporary, Perth, Chalkhorse Gallery, Sydney and Hal B Projects, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Dave is a 2010 recipient of the Qantas Foundation Australian Contemporary Art Award. His work was selected for the Fremantle Print Award at the Fremantle Arts Centre (2010), the Midwest Art Prize (2011), the PICA Salon (2011-14) at Perth Institute for Contemporary Art and Voorkamer (2013), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Old New Work continues at WorkLife Berry until December 2018.


Past exhibitions can be seen here