Anthony Hourigan is a man who likes to optimise gains. His family’s sea change saw them shift from Sydney’s inner west to Kiama six years ago, in search of more of the good stuff. Find out what he doesn’t miss about Sydney, how it is possible to work harmoniously alongside your spouse and where to get the best burger on the South Coast on Medium


Dr Nicole Reilly is a perinatal mental health Research Fellow, and was based with the University of Newcastle when she first joined WorkLife. 


Having made the leap to regional living, she chats to us about what she loves about being able to work from home and how she makes that work within the University sphere.

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For this new series of WorkLife Member Profiles we are kicking off with our Local Legends edition. Not everyone has a tree or sea change story, but we want to get to know the why and how behind some of the mega talent that we have right here on the coast. Marketing, branding and web design — Dan is your guy if you are feeling bold and ready to take your business to the next level. Read full interview here


Jake is a healthcare HR and recruitment consultant and an aspiring aviator. He, his wife Lucy and son Alfie shifted from Sydney’s northern beaches to Kangaroo Valley seven years ago.

We talk to Jake about how the key to success can be as simple as remembering to put one foot in front of the other, breathe, blink then repeat. Read the full interview here


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