Past Exhibitions


September - December 2019


June  - September 2019


Worklife / Playlife

August  - November 2019

This collection of work highlights the importance of the time spent each day on being honouring our delightful selves. By valuing relationships with friends, connecting with nature, using our imagination and finding time to delve deeply into what lights us up we find the magic in everyday living.
Colour, simplicity, light, nature, connection - We are surrounded by grace,
acceptance, opportunity and abundance and it is with gratitude that I share these playful, sunny, joyous moments with you.

Becky works daily in a small studio in her backyard surrounded by her urban rainforest.Her work delves into what makes us whole- joyful connection to the environment; relationships with each other ourselves; truly seeing,
believing, imagining, feeling, living, loving playing this game of life. We work life and play life together.

TOM GREENE // Heroic Master of Pens

Insider Artworks: A Drawing Retrospective

December 2018 - April 2019

Tom Greene used to refer to himself as an 'Insider Artist'. He would draw and create prolifically but never really share or exhibit his work at all. As he began to engage the world at large as an artist who draws he jokingly came up with the artist identity the Heroic Master Of Pens / HMOP (which is actually derived from one of his favourite 1980's toy lines The Masters Of The Universe) and it kind of stuck.


Working primarily in ink pen on paper, HMOP feels that when you apply the ink to the paper there is a element of risk but this process makes you more mindful of the marks you make.


The drawings he creates relate very strongly to pop culture in particular comics, film, TV and 1980's toy motifs. He likes to have fun when I draw, asking my self 'why can't I draw that?'. As a result the subject matter is often absurd with an element of humour.




The latest suite of drawings and paintings come out of an ongoing interest in mark-making and abstraction. When they work, there is something childlike, something linked to the energy emerging from the pure pleasure of making.  

I am interested in motifs that can seem regressive, primitive or poorly executed, like symbols or giant doodles.  My hope is that their physical presence emanates something that is both primitive and fun, between abstract expressionism and grunge, craftsmanship and pleasure.


The Road Home

February-June 2018

Living and working on the South Coast of NSW, Alexandra's work is a reflection of her surrounds. Her inspiration is drawn from rolling hills of Jamberoo to Berry and beyond, to the delicate rockpools which she explores with her two children. "The road home" is an exhibition of new and existing paintings which represent the journey of coming home and the feeling of connection we have to place. You can purchase Alexandra's work here


Landscapes Loved

September 2017 - February 2018

Bonnie is a creative living on South Coast of NSW, Australia. She see's beauty in decay, and is a lover of the landscape - built and natural.

Drawn to found type, beauty in the everyday, the decaying, forgotten and unnoticed places, this is reflected in all the creative fields she works across.


Lover of colour, ghost signs, handcrafted & wonky things, a collector of old matchboxes, bottles and found paper.


This series of works was created over the course of 2017, with imagery drawn from the surrounds of the South Coast, the new landscape that opened up once the Berry bypass was complete, and overseas travels with mountainous views. Bonnie's work can be purchased via her website here.